Interview with Chef Tanguy Papin

The Star*s is pleased to welcome a new Chef, Mr. Tanguy Papin

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Where does your passion for cooking come from and your motivation to make a career out of it?

I grew up in Normandy with my farming grandparents, I fell into the “pot” as a child. Sharing their knowledge of the land and fresh products gave me the desire to eat well and cook well.

What is your background?

I started my apprenticeship as a cook at the age of 14, then continued my training in the Hospitality School. From there, I started cooking in London, on the French Riviera and finally arrived in Switzerland in 2005.

What motivated you to join Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I love the hotel world. It’s possible to offer a more complete service than in a restaurant. Starling Hotel Lausanne offers a contemporary working environment! As an art lover, this is an establishment that suits me. Finally, the challenge of working with an international clientele definitely convinced me.

Define in a few words "your" cooking?

A simple, seasonal cuisine, with taste. It combines modern and traditional cuisine. To sum up, a grandmother’s cuisine revisited to the tastes of the day.

Have you planned new recipes for this season?

I want to incorporate seasonal products on the menu and integrate regional products as much as possible.

Where does your inspiration come from?

By taking a product and analysing what can be done with it. Think about the best way to present it and which products to combine it with. Otherwise, my curiosity, the cookbooks, my trips and the desire to always try new recipes.

I follow them, but trends pass, you have to constantly reinvent yourself… We try to apply them but always keeping a traditional basis. Our job is to adapt to the customer as well. It is up to us to combine their desires with our culinary offer.

Which products do you like to work with?

I enjoy working with seasonal vegetables. I also have a certain pleasure in working with fish.

How do you approach new diets?

As the customer is at the centre of our attention, it is our duty to offer a varied menu that is suitable for all those who come to eat at our table.

A word to finish?

I am happy with this new challenge. It is a beautiful hotel with a pleasant setting. I have a great team with me, together we develop flavours to stimulate the interest and taste buds of our customers.

Dr Gab’s : a local and durable beer

Dr Gab’s

Dr Gab’s : a local and durable beer

Commercialized since 2017 at the Starling Hotel Lausanne, Dr Gab’s artisanal Vaud beers offer a local and surprising touch to visitors and to regular Star’s restaurant guests.

The delegates of the QHSE Committee wanted to discover their manufacturing secrets and visited the brewery in Puidoux on November 20, 2018…

1st secret: Where does this characteristic taste of Dr Gab’s beers come from?….

The beers brewed by Dr Gab’s are not pasteurized or filtered: they keep their natural flavour throughout the manufacturing process, until you consume them.

That’s why when you open a Dr Gab’s bottle, a particular effervescence crackles in your ears and a beautiful, abundant and vaporous foam forms in your glass.

This yeast is unique because it is made within the brewery itself and this secret, unfortunately, we cannot share it with you….

2nd secret: Where do raw materials come from?…..

The malted cereals (barley and/or wheat) used to make beer are mainly from Vaud (Bavaria) and Geneva (Satigny).

A short and eco-responsible circuit that allows a perfect traceability of raw materials and an economic development of local producers.

These cereals are intimately mixed with 100% water from Lake Bret, where the water comes from the Lausanne network, which has a very good minerality.

This artisanal work allows great flexibility of inspiration and other ingredients, just as carefully chosen, can generate new creations: cinnamon in winter, citrus fruits in summer, the palette of tastes is unlimited and diverse.

3rd secret: Where does Dr. Gab’s name come from?……

The Dr Gab’s microbrewery has been in existence for 18 years: it was created by 3 friends, one of whom, Gabriel (the future Beer Doctor), had received a brewing kit as a gift.

The apprentice brewers launched their first beer in 2001, the result of their research and experimentation.

In order to strengthen this medicinal image, the format of the bottles has been adapted: made from recycled glass, they are similar to a potion bottle, which comes straight from the shelves of a renowned apothecary….Dr Gab’s perhaps?

By the way, Doctor, do you have any last secrets to tell us?

The new Puidoux brewery, which has been in operation since June 2018, has been designed to ensure a virtuous cycle and minimise its environmental impact:

it uses the cooling water from the Romande Energie plant to heat its premises and completes its heating system with solar photovoltaic rings installed on the brewery’s roof.
100% of the waste from the mixing of cereals, spent grains, is recycled into compost and bio-gas.

During your lunch at Star’s or on the menu of the bar, you will find the references of Dr Gab’s:

  • The nugget: golden lager of high fermentation. Light in alcohol, it has a soft and balanced body. A generous hopping brings a pleasant bitterness as well as a herbaceous and fruity scent. Ideal as an aperitif or to cool down in the evening, the Pépite is really a “everyday” beer, or almost!
  • The storm: round blond beer and soft in the mouth, its power nevertheless suggests a strong beer, measuring at 8%.
  • The camel: Amber beer, 7%. The Camel is brewed with a subtle blend of three different malts, which gives it great complexity on the palate and a caramel colour. Its fruity aromas come from characteristic yeasts that make this beer as unique as it is incomparable. To be enjoyed as an aperitif or with a spicy dish.
  • The Ipanema: India Pale Ale at 6% which reveals a powerful bitterness under a copper hue. If its hops have bewitching aromas, it is its malted body that makes it possible to obtain a balanced beer with a pleasant roundness. Its fruity aroma comes from North American hops and its bitterness is ideally combined with spicy dishes.

A second life for our pillows and duvets

A second life for our pillows and duvets

In view of the values that our hotel supports and the actions undertaken within the Quality Hygiene Health  Environment committee, we decided, during the periodic renewal of our infrastructures, to donate a batch of pillows and duvets to a local charity association. We had great pleasure in collaborating with La Croix Rouge Vaudoise.

On January 18, Manisha and Carlos, employees from the Housekeeping department brought 108 duvet covers, 108 large pillows and 108 small pillows to Fil Rouge, the shop of La Croix Rouge in Aigle. This point of sale provides the most disadvantaged with cheap second-hand products.

We are therefore very happy to offer a second life to our products and allow people in need to enjoy the comfort of our bedding at a lower cost.

Suzanne Gabriel's Interview

Terre Vaudoise

Suzanne Gabriel's Interview

Brand Manager of Terre Vaudoise

Title : Privileged partner

Department : Catering

Tell us a little bit about yourself….

Introduce us Terre Vaudoise.

Terre Vaudoise belongs to the Professional Agricultural Defence Terre Vaudoise. Our mission is to guarantee our customers (companies and individuals) fresh, high-quality and local products (producers from the Canton of Vaud) and to help them discover other Swiss regions. Thus, companies like yours have a precise listing of certified producers. We work transparently with all our producers.

We control the quality of our products, we require that the products be natural and that 80% of the raw materials come from the Canton of Vaud, in order to promote the local economy.

We have been offering an e-shop on our website for a few months now with the possibility of picking up our products in stores.

We sell our products in our two stores, La Halle de Lausanne and L’Épicerie of Pully. Our wholesale distributor supplies restaurants and shops. We make fresh baskets available in our shops and deliverable with the start-up Dring Dring with whom we have been working for 8 years, who delivers to offices and private individuals. We also sell an average of 3000 personalized gift baskets per year that our customers can order on our website. Then, we offer a catering activity with more than 700 private and corporate events all year round. We also have a Beer Box that people can receive monthly. This is an opportunity for our suppliers to make themselves known and for our customers to discover new artisanal beers every month.

Where do you deliver your products?

For the moment we only deliver to the Canton of Vaud and Zurich. We occasionally deliver to Geneva for gift baskets.

What does your work at Terre Vaudoise consist of?

When I started 11 years ago, I was in charge of the General Secretariat of the Saveurs du Jura Vaudois. Today, I am in charge of the mandates of the Canton of Vaud to be able to certify our products.

Who are your collaborators?

We are mainly a women’s team but we recently hired a man as a cook.
We are very committed to the well-being of our employees and participate in their development within the structure.

What are the main events on which Terre Vaudoise is present?

On average, we spend 130 days a year on events in French-speaking Switzerland with busy periods.

Christmas is an intense period: we are present at the Montreux Christmas market for 30 days and then also at the Lausanne market with our participation in the Igloo du Terroir Vaudois.

The Paléo Festival is also a major event: we have been running a restaurant there for 11 years.

Then, we regularly organize days of discovery of the mountain pastures in the Jura from the Canton of Vaud. Visitors can enjoy a rich experience by immersing themselves in the daily life of the alpine chalets.

Your sector of activity is more and more competiting. How do you live it?

At first, we had a unique and innovative concept and then we had to face competition as in all sectors. We have products at competitive prices with a good reputation, so it’s not a problem. The objective today is to certify our products so as not to lie to consumers.

In your opinion, what are the consumption habits of today?

Looking at the origin of products is not yet an established habit among people. However, we are seeing an interest in this new way of consuming. This trend is very good news and brings a number of challenges for producers.

These consumers who buy “local” want diversity in their dishes, a challenge that agriculture must work to create. Producers must now increase their efforts to make the right product available at the right time.

Another challenge is to get consumers used to eating more than just beautiful food. The idea is that they can realize that the fruit does not necessarily have to be beautiful to be eaten and enjoyed.

These needs for diversity, immediacy or aesthetics sometimes go against our values. The objective is to find the right balance between these new consumption habits and our work.

For my part, as a consumer, I think we must take care of the environment in which we live and breathe: learn not to be too greedy and to appreciate what our land can offer us.

What are your future challenges?

A human challenge first of all with the stabilization of our teams because we are restructuring this year.

Then, 2nd challenge, the development of our website and online sales.

Finally, that we have more local products on the shelves of supermarkets and wholesalers.

But in my opinion, the biggest challenge is to better communicate with our producers about changing consumption habits. We are constantly confronted with our customers, so we are the best ambassadors to ensure that our producers receive the right feedback.

How do you perceive the Starling Hotel Lausanne? Have you already experienced our offers (accommodation, restaurant, conferences, etc…)?

I had the opportunity to eat in your restaurant where I had a very pleasant time.

I find that your hotel fits well with the Lausanne context because it corresponds to the demand and is located not far from the lake with renowned companies.

Lausanne is a multicultural city, very active with constant events and tends to become a first-class tourist destination, which is very promising for your hotel.

We are very pleased to work with Starling Hotel Lausanne and look forward to continuing this collaboration.

Christmas Brunch

Christmas Brunch

Bunch with Santa Claus!

Buffet at will and themed decoration
Animations for children
Santa Claus’ coming and photo corner
Mulled wine offered

Sunday May 12th from 11:30 AM to 2 PM
Parking & Wi-Fi
Adult: Sfr 60.- / Children under 12: Free

Brunch Halloween

Brunch Halloween

Celebrate Halloween at Starling Lausanne!

Buffet at will and themed decoration
Animations for children
Treats at will
Complimentary welcome glass

Bring your disguises!

Sunday October 27th from 11:30 AM to 2 PM
Parking & Wi-Fi
Adult: Sfr 60.- / Children from 12: Sfr 35.- / Children under 12: Free

BBQ Western

BBQ Western

Once upon a time in the West of Lausanne….

All-you-can-eat barbecue buffet and country decoration
Western games and activities for young and old
Margarita offered on arrival
Free parking and wifi

Sunday June 23rd from 11:30 AM to 2 PM
Parking & Wi-Fi
Adult: Sfr 60.- / Children from 12: Sfr 35.- / Children under 12: Free

Mother Day Brunch

Mother Day Brunch


The Starling Lausanne is celebrating mothers

Buffet at will and themed decoration
Live music
Pink for moms
Workshop ” Create Your Mommy’s Cocktail ”

Sunday May 12th from 11:30 AM to 2 PM
Parking & Wi-Fi
Adult: Sfr 60.- / Children from 12: Sfr 35.- / Children under 12: Free



Ready for your Starling Afterwork

Join us tonight at 5 p.m. for our “Kir Prosecco” cocktail of the day at CHF 5.- (served until 8pm)
with some planchettes apéro.

DJ Drumminsax will be there for the Good music and chill atmosphere
Just waiting for you!

Afterwork from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Environmental day for employees at the Starling Hotel Lausanne

Sensitization sessions on QHSE aspects (Quality / Health / Safety / Environment) took place on Friday 16 November 2018 with all employees at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

Coordinated by the delegates of the QHSE Committee and the General Manager, these sessions are an opportunity to highlight all the projects carried out throughout the year within the establishment and to present the first concrete results:


Leading the management team, Quality is one of the pillars of Starling Hotel Lausanne’s policy. Each employee is committed to welcoming guests from diverse horizons in a warm and dynamic way and to sharing a personalized experience with them.
The smiles and thanks of customers are the best indicators of their satisfaction, confirmed by the excellent rate recorded both internally and externally, on the various dedicated sites.
The management wanted to highlight these performances and sincerely congratulate the employees.
New internal satisfaction measurement tools were implemented this year, making it possible to refine the analysis of comments and improve the quality of services.


The management of Starling Hotel Lausanne does not tolerate any approximation on the respect of the hygiene rules in place.
Supported by specialized service providers and in close collaboration with the cantonal authorities, the committee’s delegates worked hard this year:

to consolidate the approach to prevent legionellosis in the accommodation centre
to implement the latest directives concerning food allergens and traceability of fishing sources and methods, in the restaurant sector

Health and safety

One of the roles of the QHSE Committee is to ensure that employees have a healthy and safe working environment and to raise their awareness of simple but effective preventive measures to avoid accidents.
This year’s focus is the handling and use of chemicals and the adoption of good reflexes in the presence of sharp objects.


Environmental protection is historically one of the Committee’s major concerns. Each employee is committed to minimizing their environmental footprint and being a driving force for improvement.
This year’s actions focus on energy consumption and food waste.

As a reminder, in 2017 Starling Hotel Lausanne carried out major renovations to its conference centre, generating a 2.20% reduction in overall electricity consumption compared to the 2016 level.
The work in 2018 focuses on replacing the lighting in the restaurant, reception and car park, allowing a projection of energy savings of about 80,000 kWh/year.

Concerning food waste, the success equation for this objective is subtle and delicate: promoting a gourmet and generous culinary image while controlling the quantities consumed in all circumstances.
This work is performed with precision by all the service and kitchen teams.
Identifying eating habits, adapting contents and containers to customers’ tastes and expectations, elegantly promoting rational consumption, these are the main lines of action.
This long-term work, which has also been ongoing since 2016, has resulted in a significant reduction in the rate of food waste per customer from year to year:

8.3% between 2016 and 2017
20.7% between June 30, 2018 and 2016

To close these sessions in a beautiful way and to thank all employees for their active involvement throughout the year, an elaborate lunch with local and seasonal products was offered.

Marc Vicari interview

Domaine de la ville

Marc Vicari interview

Manager of Domaine de la ville, Morges

Title: Preferred Partners

Department: Restauration

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Introduce us in a few words your company Le Domaine de la Ville: your history, the featured wines
you offer and what makes you so different…

We are a young structure based on a Morgian heritage from 1547. In 2013, Morges decided to privatize its domain to make it a fully-fledged domain.

Having taken over the management of this 15-hectare estate, I wanted to position our range of wines in the mid-to-high end.
In 2015, we won the Chasselas World Cup with our Chasselas Réserve La Grand’Rue 2013. Our wines are elegant. We offer subtle Chasselas, we are really in the incense of a terroir that expresses finesse.

We produce about twenty different wine references. “La Grand’Rue” is one of our star products, such as “Le Protagoniste” red blend and “Belle Rive” our Rosé de Pinot noir and Gamay which are successful cuvees. We are also one of the producers of “Servagnin” which is a typical “Morgian Pinot noir”, vinified in barrels.

We also won the title of “Swiss Wine of the Year” at the Swiss Wine Grand Prix in 2015. In addition, we are one of the 150 best Swiss wine estates listed in the “VINUM”, a wine guide and a real reference for wine lovers.

Some of our successful wines are “Label d’Or Terravin” which represents about 4% of the labelling of wines produced in the canton of Vaud. It is an accreditation given by a college of professional tasters who are formatted to taste on several criteria if the wine has the qualities required to obtain this label.

Who are your customers? From which Regions?

We have a very large clientele, professionals in the catering industry, hotels, private individuals. We sell under the “Ma Region” label in Coop shops and “Local” stores at Manor in the Lake Geneva region. We sell mainly in Swiss Romandie.

What are your commitments in terms of sustainable development?

We deeply respect our terroir. We are in the process of converting to organic farming in Switzerland, we have been practicing biodynamics since 2015. We do not use chemicals or phyto-sanitary products and we work on our soils. Instead of using products that penetrate inside of the plant, we use surface treatments.

In which emblematic events are you present in the region?

We participate in many events, some of which are recurrent every year, for example we are present at the large market in Morges. Each year, a Morgian personality dedicates “Le Morgien” Chasselas cuvee vinified in amphora and launches the new vintage here.

We also participate in the British Car Meeting which usually takes place in October, some of Starling Hotel Lausanne’s customer might be there. There are nearly 1500 people who come to Morges with vintage English cars.

Then we have the chance to collaborate with Starling Hotel Lausanne for some events such as Balelec.

We will soon be participating in the Servagnin Night on November 1st and 2nd. About fifteen producers will be present to present their Servagnin.

What are your futur challenges?

The German-speaking Switzerland part. We go there once a month and we are lucky to be successful, thanks in particular to the natural wines in Zurich. We still have the challenge to establish the Chasselas there.

We are lucky to work with Starling Hotel Lausanne, so we reach a tourist clientele, which also gives us access to the Swiss German market. At the regional level, we have taken up a lot of space quite quickly, so it is quite encouraging for our development in the German part of Switzerland.

How did the collaboration with Starling Hotel Lausanne come about?

We were simply approached by Starling Hotel Lausanne who came to us! Normally, it’s quite the opposite, but it proves that we have very interesting and quality products.

How do you perceive the Starling Hotel Lausanne? Have you already experienced our offers (Accommodation, F&B, conferences, etc.)?

My family is from Saint-Sulpice, the village where your hotel is located. We had a hotel restaurant, so I am particularly attached to this lakefront. I have eaten several times in your restaurant and I have always been very satisfied with the service provided. I also had the opportunity to participate in a visit of the hotel, including rooms that I found bright, modern and stylish.

What do you appreciate about your collaboration with Starling Hotel Lausanne?

Overall, I am very happy with our collaboration and I hope that it will continue in the future. The banquets organised at your place are great opportunities to showcase our wines and are very interesting in terms of volume.

More information

More information

The Domaine de la Ville offers you its new activity: a wine tourism stroll at the top of the vineyard with beautiful views. Visible in the Vaud Guides application referencing all tourist activities in the region.

Open for tasting on Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm, on Friday from 4pm to 7pm and on the first Saturday of the month from 10am to 1pm.

Domaine de la ville – Ch. de la Morgettaz 2 – CH – 1110 Morges (VD) – Tél. 0041 21 802 17 76 –

Kilian Massard's interview

Title : F&B Assistant

Department : Catering

Years of service : Since 2017

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your background and what brings you to Starling Hotel Lausanne?


I’ve been working in the hotel business for 10 years. I did my CFC in catering. Before the Starling Hotel Lausanne, I worked at the tennis restaurant in Morges. The hotel business was a coincidence as before, I didn’t really know which professions to choose. Finally, I am happy with my job. So, I arrived at Starling as a rank chief and now I am F&B Assistant.

What is a typical F&B Assistant day?


My mission: welcoming customers and ensuring that they are comfortable and satisfied throughout their experience in our restaurant.

From 3pm to 7pm, I take care of the setup and between 7pm and midnight, I mainly do customer reception and service. I sit the clients at their table and give them the menu and wine list, take the orders and serve the clients. I pay a lot of attention to detail and make sure that the meal is going well for each client.

What advice could you give to people who want to do your job?


A lot of tips:

You have to be very flexible and not be afraid to work overtime because it is very common in our profession.

You must not be afraid of hierarchy because in our professions, hierarchy is highly respected.

It is important to be punctual, with good resistance to stress and again to be rigorous.

How do you see your future in the Starling Group?


Within 5 years, I would like to take a managerial position, why not F&B manager.

If you had to define Starling Hotel Lausanne in 3 words?


I would say:

Proximity to the city centre, companies in the surrounding area

Modern infrastructure

Friendlyness with our clients

Detox Brunch
September 30th

Detox Brunch
September 30th

☕ Come discover our detox brunch and enjoy our sweet & savoury dishes, seasonal surprise verrines and much more!

• All you can eat buffet and decoration
• Massage workshop
• Try out of our fit’n’tasty products
• Free Wi-Fi and parking

From 12 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Adult : Sfr 65.- / Children (from 6 to 12) : Sfr 35.- / Free from 0 to 6

Céline Dareau's interview

Title : Breakfast Manager

Department : Catering

Length of service : Since 2017

Tell us a little bit about yourself

What is your background and what brings you to the Starling Hotel Lausanne?

Graduated from a French hotel school, I always wanted to work in the catering business.
Thanks to my professional background, I had the chance to progress in different types of restaurants: luxury, bistronomy, gastronomy, traditional

Since the end of 2016, I have been working in the canton of Vaud. Before, I worked in the restaurant of the Château de Prangins as a temporary worker.

I started at Starling Hotel Lausanne to make extras, then a breakfast manager position became available and I took this opportunity.

What is a typical breakfast manager day?

We prepare the restaurant for breakfast, guide the guests to the various buffets, provide with food, put away and set up the lunch service.

We regularly welcome clients for conferences. We bring them coffee breaks, serve them at lunch if scheduled.

We also manage all reservations.

Then before leaving, there is a handover of instructions for the next team.

What makes you a competent breakfast manager?

I try to be as friendly and smiling as possible.
I am a physiognomist, which is a real asset because we have loyal customers and it is important that they feel recognized, that we put them at ease, it really personalizes their welcome.

It is also essential to know how to sell, to make customers happy to enjoy their time in our restaurant.
I am also very discreet, we must be “there without being there”, the customer must feel at home.

What advice could you give to people who want to do the same job?

It’s a hard and thankless job: tiredness, stress, difficult schedules, some demanding customers… So the main advice I would give is already to like what you do.

Then, having a strong mind, being diplomatic, smiling and having a very good memory. For my part, I memorize orders without taking notes, it’s more efficient and faster!

And of course, you have to love contact with customers, proximity is created, you learn to better know their needs.

How do you see your future with the Starling Group?

I would like to evolve towards a profession in contact with the customer, why not sell services. Or taking in charge a department, knowing that I like managing teams.

Currently, my team is small but I get a taste for managing a team. I do my best to ensure that everyone is fine, that there is good group cohesion.
So, I perfectly see myself in a managerial position in the future.

If you had to define Starling Hotel Lausanne in 3 words?

I would say:

The setting with beautiful views.
The proximity: it is not far from city centre of Lausanne, from the motorway, it is close to the lake and to the EPFL that brings us many customers.
The conviviality: it is a small hotel and a conviviality is created with teams and customers.

Romain Robert's Interview

Title : Service technician

Department : Technic

Length of service : From 2011

Tell us a little bit about yourself

What is your background and what brings you to the Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I am an Alsacian. I worked 18 years in Basel in German Switzerland where I created my painting company as a painter. I also painted the 300 rooms of Starling Geneva, formerly Crowne Plaza.
Then I closed my business and went to a general construction company that built Canadian homes. Afterwards, I worked in a Lausanne company that had a mandate with the Starling group. A technician and painter position was available at Starling and here I am!

What is a typical technician's day?

Every day, our department has a to-do list of interventions to perform.
We try to prioritize the problems of our clients in rooms and conferences. The interventions are very diverse and require a lot of technical skills: plumbing, tiling, electricity, carpentry, sometimes a little gardening if necessary…
Then, of course, we take care of the maintenance and painting of the rooms.

What makes you a competent person?

Working for my own company has helped me to be multi-skilled, resourceful and a handyman.
I also like the contact with the guests, help them if necessary. I think it brings me a lot of benefits in my daily work.

What advice could you give to people who want to do your job?

Love your job, be a handyman and creative. I like painting and it is my original profession.
Although the colours of the rooms are chosen by the decorators and the management, I like to contribute to artistic projects. I’ve always loved drawing, I’m very creative.

How do you see your future with the Starling Group?

I worked a lot in the construction industry, so if everything is going well, I plan to stay here and ideally continue on the same job at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

If you had to define Starling Hotel Lausanne in 3 words?

Family: Starling Hotel Lausanne is a small hotel , a proximity is naturally created with the customers
Welcoming: the decor is cosy and the staff is friendly
Serious: the staff is competent

Manisha Bucher's Interview

Title: Receptionist

Department: Reception

Years of service: since 2016 with Starling Hotel Lausanne as an apprentice – currently an apprentice receptionist

Tell us a little bit about yourself

What is your background and what brings you to the Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I am from Mauritius, I finished my high school education in 2012 and I decided to come and live in Switzerland.

My brother works in the hospitality industry and he has an interesting job. So I thought “Why not work in the hotel business in Switzerland” ? I am currently training to become a governess at Les Diablerets at the Hôtel Les Sources. With this training, I was looking for an apprenticeship and I found it at Starling Hotel Lausanne.

I really appreciate my work here because the work team is competent and very welcoming. My manager gives her time to support me and make me progress, which is very appreciable. We have loyal customers who come back often, which creates a friendly atmosphere.

Then, the hotel business is a stimulating market that I like with a strong international outlook, which also allows the regular practice of languages.

What is a typical receptionist day?

First of all the reception of the customer: doing the check in and check out, informing the client on the functioning of the hotel, the activities to do in the city.

We often have a lot of check in and check out at the same time, which represents a lot of time in our day.

Then, we also have administrative tasks like email management, booking, information to deliver to house keeping, etc..

What makes you a competent receptionist?

I smile and listen to the customer. My listening skills enable me to anticipate customer needs and be proactive.

In addition, I am well organized and quite multi-skilled. I can both handle, for example, check in/check out and answer the phone at the same time.

I am comfortable with foreign languages, which is essential for the reception.

I think you have to have great mental strength and know how to manage stress and rush periods like check in and check out, for example. It happens regularly that we have many arrivals or departures at the same time, it is necessary to know how to remain calm and smiling and to receive each customer with attention and listening but nevertheless with speed and effectiveness.

Then I would also add that it is a team effort: if my colleague is stressed, it will affect my work and the clients. On the contrary, if each of us remain professional and focused, it is ok.

It should not be forgotten that we are, as receptionists, the first contact with the customer and the first impression that the customer has is the most important. So if his welcome goes bad, it’s already bad for his stay.

Finally, I take care of my presentation: hair tied, elegant and discreet make-up, adapted dress code.

What advice could you give to people who want to become receptionists?

All the elements I have just shared with you in the previous question are essential.

Then love what you do, it’s not an easy job, there’s a big mental load to bear so you have to keep pace and be dynamic!

How do you see your future with the Starling Group?

Why not continue in the Starling group, this could be a good opportunity for me and would means that I gave satisfaction during my apprenticeship.

Working at house keeping as a housekeeper would please me or continue to evolve at the reception.

I’m also thinking in the long term of training myself to become event coordinator in the hotel business, it could interest me a lot.

If you had to define Starling Hotel Lausanne in 3 words?

“I would say”: magnificent setting, modernity and warm atmosphere.

Summit Foundation

Summit Foundation

The Starling Hotel Lausanne is glad to collaborate with the « Summit Foundation », an environmental foundation based in Switzerland.

“I was lucky enough to eat in your restaurant with this incredible view from the terrace. All of a sudden, the common point makes sense between your activity at the Starling Hotel Lausanne and ours at Summit Foundation.”Olivier Kressman, environmental advisor

This swiss foundation was founded in 2001 in Vevey by Laurent Thurnheer. With the help of his two collaborators, Olivier and Florine, their mission today is to reduce the environmental impact of human activities.

This NGO mainly focuses on ski resorts in winter and music festivals in summer (Paleo, Montreux Jazz Festival). Summit Foundation focuses on the natural environment because it is easier today to educate people by sending them environmental messages during a moment of relaxation such as skiing or during a festival between two concerts.

They work in very busy places. In Switzerland they could estimate more than 20 mio days of ski which represents tons of waste every winter.

They focus on 3 areas of activity

The awareness

Awareness through communication. Their main project is the comic bubbles. This campaign is present in more than 70 ski areas in Switzerland, France and Lichtenstein.
In order to raise awareness, a smartphone application has been developed for ski instructors so that they can communicate about the concept during ski lessons.

The solutions

There are many solutions to limit the damage: the pocket trash bin, sorting terminals or wall ashtray. The goal is to change the behaviour of people with fun solutions.

The events


We organize events in the tourism industry.

The Starling Hotel Lausanne has an Environmental Committee that supports and encourages employees’ environmental actions on a daily basis. Summit Foundation will complete our committee. This is a first for the foundation to collaborate with the hotel sector! It will enhance the work of our many employees concerned about the environment within the hotel.

The foundation will opt for an active communication through our website and our social networks.

In addition, it will put very concrete solutions within the hotel to preserve the environment. For example, the set-up of sorting terminals to improve the quality of sorting in different waste fractions.

The NGO has already set up a wall ashtray at the Starling Hotel Lausanne to reduce the littering of cigarette butts.

Sédiji's interview

Title :  Hotel Porter

Department : Housekeeping

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 1 year

Could you describe your job?

Teamwork is the most important thing in Housekeeping.

In addition, we are solicited by the other services of the hotel, reason why our activity is very important. I would also say that the atmosphere is good between colleagues.

What do you like in Starling?

The Starling Hotel Lausanne has a very good location.

The hotel is next to the EPFL and attracts a lot of people every day. This hotel is very pleasant, you never get bored.

Our goal is to satisfy the customer that’s why we’re doing our best to improve our daily work.

Furthermore, Housekeeping is concerned about sustainable development which is a good thing. We sort everything because we pay attention to ecology.

Which adjective can describe the Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I think the good atmosphere in the hotel and the tranquility of the place. We feel really good at Starling.

Patrice's interview

Title : Kitchen assistant

Departement : Kitchen @Star*s Restaurant

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 1 year and a half

Specificity : Member of the Environmental Committee

What could you say about your job?

Although the schedules are sometimes difficult, it is an active job!

You have to be careful but also fast. I appreciate the multi-skilling of my job.

For a person like me who does not like being static all day, it’s perfect. I also enjoy working with the team of young chefs at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

We never get bored!

What is your vision of Starling Hotel Lausanne?

It is a modern and structured hotel that offers many choices.

The Starling Hotel Lausanne is constantly developing itself, especially in terms of quality, which requires a lot of rigor.

We do our very best to satisfy our guests.

What is the secret to satisfy a client?

The secret is to understand the customer.

You have to know how to anticipate the needs of your clients and keep a good mood. Moreover, I am in the environmental committee of the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

I think it is important for the customer to know that we pay a particular attention to the environment.

Auguste's interview

Title : Waiter

Departement : Stars*s Restaurant

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 1 year and a half

In your opinion, what makes a great waiter?

It’s important to satisfy the client.
We also have to know all the products that we propose, for example all the ingredients and the preparation methods of the dishes.

Actually, when we anticipate the customer’s needs, we make the customer happy and satisfied.

What makes you the happiest in your job?

It really touches me in my job when the client shows me his gratitude.
It sometimes happens that he calls me by my first name or that he looks for me in the hotel at his departure to say thank you and goodbye.

Actually, it’s very familiar but that makes me glad.
This kind of attention makes every waiter happy. The client trusts us and gives us gratitude.

We have a very high satisfaction rate at the Starling Hotel Lausanne, which encourages us in our work.

What are the 3 qualities of Starling Hotel Lausanne?

The view of the lake and the Alps is truly splendid.
Furthermore, the hotel being out of the city center, you can really relax.

Finally, there are all types of clients (students, businessmen, CEOs of multinationals, etc.).

There is a real diversity of customers and each person has a different story to tell.

Jean-Claude’s Interview

Title : Transfer Officer

Departement : Concierge service

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 7 years

What makes a good Transfer Officer?

My first goal is to respond to customer requests.
I fully enjoy the contact with them when I am at the check-in counter or in the shuttle bus.  Some people don’t know about this service so when I tell them that we have free transfer on our website and when I propose for a ride, the clients are very grateful and glad.

We also offer the shuttle to companies around us. The requests are different so we have to meet their needs: itineraries, flexible schedules, etc.

The location of the hotel and its ease of access are a real advantage.

In your opinion, what makes Starling Hotel Lausanne unique?

The hotel has a good relationship with the different companies. They regularly come back to the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

I think that unlike other hotels, our quality of service is higher.

Furthermore, we are a big family who enjoys working together.
It is a real strength for the hotel.

What are the 3 characteristics you enjoy the most in your job?

I am a very multi-skilled person, I very often help my colleagues in the different departments. It is for this reason also that I like to move with the shuttle.

I like to be in contact with customers and colleagues.
The hotel is small so it’s easy to communicate with everyone. Moreover, I speak 4 languages so it’s not a barrier for me to communicate with customers. I am happy when I can answer them in their mother tongue.

Finally, I like to accommodate customers.
Once, a client was about to miss her plane and I brought her to the Geneva Airport. This kind of service is always a pleasure for me and for the guest who is more willing to come back to Starling Hotel Lausanne.

10 advantages of Team Building activities

The Starling Hotel Lausanne offers the opportunity to include Team Building activities to your conference days. Team Building means activities organized outside of work in order to reinforce relationships between colleagues and develop their capacities to work together. These activities bring team cohesion and increase motivation. Introduced in North America, this ‘’trend’’ meets a huge success in Europe since the last couple of years.

Let’s see what the advantages of these activities are

1 Improve communication
A fluid communication is very important to achieve good team performances. Team building activities help to develop better exchanges and forces employees to communicate clearly and efficiently between each other. The fun atmosphere of the activities allows the employees to learn to know each other more deeply and in a lighter environment outside of the office.

2 Reinforce group cohesion
Team Building creates an opportunity to concentrate on team work, as well as ways to improve it. It is a relevant way to make new colleagues feel comfortable inside the enterprise.

3 Boost motivation
Outside work activities are known for re-motivating people, hence motivating them to give better performances at work. A positive and enthusiastic team will be more confident in its performances.

4 Communicate differently
Shared activities outside the office create a different kind of communication: no more hierarchy, the human is placed at the centre of attention. Furthermore, this can also be a way for the enterprise to communicate its values and its vision to its collaborators in a more subtle, yet efficient way.

5 Encourage open-mindedness
The diverse Team Building activities allow the team to enjoy a unique experience by doing something completely different from the daily routine. Team Building activities are a perfect opportunity to learn and see things under different perspectives.

6 Push your limits
Team Building activities allow to push one’s limits, both physical and psychological, as well as it helps reduce stress within a team.

7 Enhance leadership
Team Building activities allow each member of the team to develop its leadership skills, as well as other competencies, all essential within the enterprise. It allows each team member to express himself individually, as well as in a group.

8 Develop one’s creativity
The activities make employees do things that are different from what they do in their daily tasks, hence asking them to use their creativity. They will then learn that creativity is welcomed and useful in the office.

9 Elevate the sense of belonging
By living shared experiences and experiencing different emotions together, your team will appreciate even more their sense of belonging to their enterprise.

10 Stop conflicts
By presenting things in a fun and light way and with games, colleagues will learn to get to know each other outside of the enterprise hierarchic positions. It will develop a better and lighter communication and a better understanding of one another.

@ Starling Hotel Lausanne

@ Starling Hotel Lausanne

We organise unique and original tailor-made Team Building activities in order to create stronger relationships within your team.

We propose multiple original concepts that can be included during your conference day or as a totally independent service!

10 things to know about Lausanne

The city

1- Lausanne is the 4th most important city in Switzerland after Zurich, Geneva and Basel and is also the capital city of the Vaud canton.

2- Lausanne received the title of ‘’Olympic Capital’’ in 1994 as Pierre de Coubertin decided to set the Olympic Committee headquarters in the city in 1915. There is only one Olympic Capital in the world.

3- The CGN (Lake Geneva General Navigation Company) is based in Ouchy and offers cruises on the Lake Geneva, both for tourism and for public transportation. The company was created in 1873 and own boats dating from the Belle Époque.

Its history

4- During the invasion of Germany in Paris in 1938 Coco Chanel moves to Lausanne where she will live 10 years. Even though she returned to Paris after the war she is buried in Lausanne.

5- A royal Thai pavilion has been offered to the city of Lausanne by the King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2009. The King himself was resident in Lausanne for 18 years.

6- The Flon district, a trendy place of the city, has been named that way as it was the name of the river that used to flow there in the 18th century.

7- Lausanne Cathedral is the biggest in Switzerland. Cathedral Notre-Dame is protestant of Gothic architecture.

Its excellence

8- Lausanne created the first hotel school in the world, the École hôtelière of Lausanne, in 1893.

9- The EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) has been ranked 14th best university in the world according to QS World University Rankings 2016-2017.

10- The most famous French-speaking Swiss writer and poet Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz was born and died in Lausanne.