Romain Robert's Interview

Title : Maintenance technician

Department : Technic

Length of service : From 2011

Tell us a little bit about yourself

What is your background and what brings you to the Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I am an Alsatian. I worked 18 years in Basel in German Switzerland where I created my painting company as a painter. I painted, at the time, the 300 rooms of Starling Geneva, formerly Crowne Plaza.
Then I closed my business and went to a general construction company that built Canadian homes. Afterwards, I worked in a Lausanne company that had a mandate with the Starling group. A technician and painter position was available at Starling and here I am!

What is a typical technician's day?

Every day, our service has a to-do list of interventions to perform.
We try to prioritize the problems of our clients in rooms and conferences. The interventions are very varied and require a lot of versatility: plumbing, tiling, electricity, carpentry, sometimes a little gardening if necessary…
Then, of course, we take care of the maintenance and painting of the rooms.

What makes you a competent person?

Working for my own company has helped me to be versatile, resourceful and a handyman.
I also like the contact with the guests, help them and to be of service to them. I think this brings me a lot in my daily work.

What advice could you give to people who want to do your job?

Love your job, be a handyman and creative. I like painting and it is my original profession.
Although the colours of the rooms are chosen by the decorators and the management, I like to contribute to this artistic project. I’ve always loved drawing, I’m very creative.

How do you see your future with the Starling Group?

I worked a lot in the construction industry, so if all goes well, I plan to stay here and ideally continue on the same job at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

If you had to define Starling Hotel Lausanne in 3 words?

Family: Starling Hotel Lausanne is a hotel on a human scale, a proximity is naturally created with the customers
Welcoming: the decor and the staff
Serious: the staff are competent

Manisha Bucher's Interview

Title: Receptionist

Department: Reception

Years of service: since 2016 with Starling Hotel Lausanne as an apprentice – currently an apprentice receptionist

Tell us a little bit about yourself

What is your background and what brings you to the Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I am from Mauritius, I finished my high school education in 2012 and I decided to come and live in Switzerland.

My brother works in the hotel business and today he has an interesting job. So I thought to myself, “Why not train in the hotel business” in Switzerland? I am currently training to become a governess at Les Diablerets at the Hôtel Les Sources. Within the framework of this training, I was looking for an apprenticeship and it is at Starling Hotel Lausanne that I found.

I really appreciate my work here because the work team is competent and very welcoming. My manager gives her time to support me and make me progress, which is very appreciable. We have loyal customers who come back often, which creates a bond.

Then, the hotel business is a stimulating market that I like with a strong international outlook, which also allows the regular practice of languages.

What is a typical receptionist day?

First of all the reception of the customer: check in and check out, inform him on the functioning of the hotel, the activities nearby.

We often have a lot of arrivals and departures at the same time, which in the end is a lot of time in our day.

Then, we also have administrative tasks like email management, booking, information to deliver to house keeping, etc..

What makes you a competent receptionist?

I smile and listen to the customer. My listening skills enable me to anticipate customer needs and be proactive.

In addition, I am well organized and quite multi-skilled. I can both handle, for example, check in/check out and answer the phone at the same time.

I am comfortable with foreign languages, which is essential for the reception.

I think you have to have great mental strength and know how to manage stress and rush periods like check in and check out, for example. It happens regularly that we have many arrivals or departures at the same time, it is necessary to know how to remain calm and smiling and to receive each customer with attention and listening but nevertheless with speed and effectiveness.

Then I would also add that it is a team effort: if my colleague is stressed, it will affect my work and my clients. On the contrary, if each of us remain professional and focused, it can only go well.

It should not be forgotten that we are, as receptionists, the first contact with the customer and the first impression that the customer makes is often the most important. So if his welcome goes bad, it’s already bad for his stay.

Finally, I take care of my presentation: hair tied, elegant and discreet make-up, adapted dress code.

What advice could you give to people who want to become receptionists?

All the elements I have just shared with you in the previous question are essential.

Then love what you do, it’s not an easy job, there’s a big mental load to bear so you have to keep pace and be dynamic!

How do you see your future with the Starling Group?

Why not continue in the Starling group, this could be a good opportunity for me and would like to say that I gave satisfaction during my apprenticeship.

Working at house keeping as a housekeeper would please me or continue to evolve at the reception.

I’m also thinking in the long term of training myself in event management in the hotel business because it’s a subject in which I would like to develop later on.

If you had to define Starling Hotel Lausanne in 3 words?

“I would say”: magnificent setting, modernity and warm atmosphere.

Western BBQ
September 16th

Western BBQ
September 16th

Postponed to September 16th

Ready to feel like in a western movie? Come to the Western Barbecue!

  • All you can eat grilled meat
  • Sweet and salty buffet, salads, water and fruit juices
  • Western decoration
  • Games and activities for children and adults
  • Free welcome drink
  • Free Wi-Fi and parking

Sunday from 11.30 am to 2.00 pm

Adult: Sfr 65.- / Children (6-12): Sfr 35.- / Children (0-6): Free

Summit Foundation

Summit Foundation

The Starling Hotel Lausanne is glad to collaborate with the « Summit Foundation », an environmental foundation based in Switzerland.

“I was lucky enough to eat in your restaurant with this incredible view from the terrace. All of a sudden, the common point makes sense between your activity at the Starling Hotel Lausanne and ours at Summit Foundation.”Olivier Kressman, environmental advisor

This swiss foundation was founded in 2001 in Vevey by Laurent Thurnheer. With the help of his two collaborators, Olivier and Florine, their mission today is to reduce the environmental impact of human activities.

This NGO mainly focuses on ski resorts in winter and music festivals in summer (Paleo, Montreux Jazz Festival). Summit Foundation focuses on the natural environment because it is easier today to educate people by sending them environmental messages during a moment of relaxation such as skiing or during a festival between two concerts.

They work in very busy places. In Switzerland they could estimate more than 20 mio days of ski which represents tons of waste every winter.

They focus on 3 areas of activity

The awareness

Awareness through communication. Their main project is the comic bubbles. This campaign is present in more than 70 ski areas in Switzerland, France and Lichtenstein.
In order to raise awareness, a smartphone application has been developed for ski instructors so that they can communicate about the concept during ski lessons.

The solutions

There are many solutions to limit the damage: the pocket trash bin, sorting terminals or wall ashtray. The goal is to change the behaviour of people with fun solutions.

The events


We organize events in the tourism industry.

The Starling Hotel Lausanne has an Environmental Committee that supports and encourages employees’ environmental actions on a daily basis. Summit Foundation will complete our committee. This is a first for the foundation to collaborate with the hotel sector! It will enhance the work of our many employees concerned about the environment within the hotel.

The foundation will opt for an active communication through our website and our social networks.

In addition, it will put very concrete solutions within the hotel to preserve the environment. For example, the set-up of sorting terminals to improve the quality of sorting in different waste fractions.

The NGO has already set up a wall ashtray at the Starling Hotel Lausanne to reduce the littering of cigarette butts.

handy experience

Come and discover the handy experience!

What do you think about having a new mobile companion during your stay at Starling Hotel Lausanne?
Today is what our hotel offers you: a stay with handy.

We are the first hotel chain in Switzerland to provide this free service to our customers.
When you enter your room, your smartphone will be ready for use.
Choose your language and let’s go!

This mobile phone brings many benefits such as:

Unlimited calls

Téléphone handy disponible au starling hotel lausanne

Call your friends for free, local or international, in more than 30 countries (European Union, Russia, Hong Kong, United States, China, United Arab Emirates, and India). You also have the option of calling your family and friends in others rooms.

Free Internet access (4G)

handy offers unlimited access to the best 4G network. You can use it inside but also outside the hotel.

Downloading applications

Many applications are already integrated into your handy (Google Maps, Facebook, Gmail…) but you can download more. No worries when you leave, they will all be permanently deleted from the phone, as well as your personal data. However, if you are in another hotel that offers the handy service, you can recover all your data through your login.

City guide and good plans

handy helps you to explore the city, whether for eating, shopping or finding activities. Your handy travel partner offers many places to visit, restaurants and bars to discover in Lausanne but also iconic shops and activities that will delight your friends and family. The category filters will also help you find exactly what you need.

Exclusive information and offers

Our hotel will send you the latest news and promotions about restaurant, afterworks, our accommodation offers and our events. We can also respond to your needs and requests during the stay.

In the end...

At the end of your stay, leave us a comment on TripAdvisor directly from the smartphone! We will be able to improve our services.

handy is waiting for you!

Sédiji's interview

Title :  Hotel Porter

Department : Housekeeping

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 1 year

Could you describe your job?

Teamwork is the most important thing in Housekeeping.

In addition, we are solicited by the other services of the hotel reason why our activity is very important. I would also say that the atmosphere is good between colleagues.

What do you like in Starling?

The Starling Hotel Lausanne has a very good location.

The hotel is next to the EPFL and attracts a lot of people every day. This hotel is very pleasant, you never get bored.

Our goal is to satisfy the customer that’s why we’re doing our best to improve our daily work.

Furthermore, Housekeeping is concerned about sustainable development which is a good thing. We sort everything because we pay attention to ecology.

Which adjective can describe the Starling Hotel Lausanne?

I think the good atmosphere in the hotel and the tranquility of the place. We feel really good at Starling.

Patrice's interview

Title : Kitchenaid

Departement : Kitchen @Star*s Restaurant

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 1 year and a half

Specificity : Member of the Environmental Committee

What could you say about your job?

Although the schedules are sometimes difficult, it is an active job!
You have to be careful but also fast. I appreciate the versatility of the tasks.

For a person like me who does not like being static all day, it’s perfect. I also enjoy working with the team of young chefs at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

We never get bored!

What is your vision of Starling Hotel Lausanne?

It is a modern and structured hotel that offers many choices.

The Starling Hotel Lausanne is constantly developing itself, especially in terms of quality, which requires a lot of rigor.

We do our very best to satisfy our guests.

What is the secret to satisfy a client?

The secret is to understand the customer.

You have to know how to anticipate the needs of your clients and keep a good mood. Moreover, I am in the environmental committee of the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

I think it is important for the customer to know that we pay a particular attention to the environment.

Auguste's interview

Title : Waiter

Departement : Stars*s Restaurant

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 1 year and a half

In your opinion, what makes a great waiter?

It’s important to satisfy the client.
We also have to know all the products that we propose for example all the ingredients and the preparation methods of the dishes.

Actually, when we anticipate the customer’s needs, we make the customer happy and satisfied.

What makes you the happiest in your job?

It really touches me in my job when the client shows me his gratitude.
It sometimes happens that he calls me by my first name or that he looks for me in the hotel at his departure to say thank you and goodbye.

Actually, it’s very familiar but that makes me glad.
This kind of attention makes every waiter happy. The client trusts us and gives us gratitude.

We have a very high satisfaction rate at the Starling Hotel Lausanne, which encourages us in our work.

What are the 3 qualities of Starling Hotel Lausanne?

The view of the lake and the Alps is truly splendid.
Furthermore, the hotel being out of the city center, you can really relax.

Finally, there are all types of clients (students, businessmen, CEOs of multinationals, etc.).

There is a real diversity of customers and each person has a different story to tell.

Jean-Claude’s Interview

Title : Transfer Officer

Departement : Concierge service

Years working at Starling Hotel Lausanne : 7 years

What makes a good Transfer Officer?

My first goal is to respond to customer requests.
I fully enjoy the contact with them when I am at the check-in counter or in the shuttle bus.  Some people don’t know about this service so when I tell them that we have free transfer on our website and when I propose for a ride, the clients are very grateful and glad.

We also offer the shuttle to companies around us. The requests are different so we have to meet their needs: itineraries, flexible schedules, etc.

The location of the hotel and its ease of access are a real advantage.

In your opinion, what makes Starling Hotel Lausanne unique?

The hotel has a good relationship with the different companies. They regularly come back to the Starling Hotel Lausanne.

I think that unlike other hotels, our quality of service is higher.

Furthermore, we are a big family who enjoys collaborating together.
It is a real strength for the hotel.

What are the 3 characteristics you enjoy the most in your job?

I am a very versatile person, I very often lend a helping hand to my colleagues in the different departments. It is for this reason also that I like to move with the shuttle.

I like to be in contact with customers and colleagues.
The hotel is small so it’s easy to communicate with everyone. Moreover, I speak 4 languages so it’s not a barrier for me to communicate with customers. I am happy when I can answer them in their mother tongue.

Finally, I like to accommodate customers.
Once, a client was about to miss her plane and I brought her to the Geneva Airport. This kind of service is always a pleasure for me and for the guest who is more willing to come back to Starling Hotel Lausanne.

10 advantages of Team Building activities

The Starling Hotel Lausanne offers the opportunity to include Team Building activities to your conference days. Team Building means activities organized outside of work in order to reinforce relationships between colleagues and develop their capacities to work together. These activities bring team cohesion and increase motivation. Introduced in North America, this ‘’trend’’ meets a huge success in Europe since the last couple of years.

Let’s see what the advantages of these activities are

1 Improve communication
A fluid communication is very important to achieve good team performances. Team building activities help to develop better exchanges and forces employees to communicate clearly and efficiently between each other. The fun atmosphere of the activities allows the employees to learn to know each other more deeply and in a lighter environment outside of the office.

2 Reinforce group cohesion
Team Building creates an opportunity to concentrate on team work, as well as ways to improve it. It is a relevant way to make new colleagues feel comfortable inside the enterprise.

3 Boost motivation
Outside work activities are known for re-motivating people, hence motivating them to give better performances at work. A positive and enthusiastic team will be more confident in its performances.

4 Communicate differently
Shared activities outside the office create a different kind of communication: no more hierarchy, the human is placed at the centre of attention. Furthermore, this can also be a way for the enterprise to communicate its values and its vision to its collaborators in a more subtle, yet efficient way.

5 Encourage open-mindedness
The diverse Team Building activities allow the team to enjoy a unique experience by doing something completely different from the daily routine. Team Building activities are a perfect opportunity to learn and see things under different perspectives.

6 Push your limits
Team Building activities allow to push one’s limits, both physical and psychological, as well as it helps reduce stress within a team.

7 Enhance leadership
Team Building activities allow each member of the team to develop its leadership skills, as well as other competencies, all essential within the enterprise. It allows each team member to express himself individually, as well as in a group.

8 Develop one’s creativity
The activities make employees do things that are different from what they do in their daily tasks, hence asking them to use their creativity. They will then learn that creativity is welcomed and useful in the office.

9 Elevate the sense of belonging
By living shared experiences and experiencing different emotions together, your team will appreciate even more their sense of belonging to their enterprise.

10 Stop conflicts
By presenting things in a fun and light way and with games, colleagues will learn to get to know each other outside of the enterprise hierarchic positions. It will develop a better and lighter communication and a better understanding of one another.

@ Starling Hotel Lausanne

@ Starling Hotel Lausanne

We organise unique and original tailor-made Team Building activities in order to create stronger relationships within your team.

We propose multiple original concepts that can be included during your conference day or as a totally independent service!

10 things to know about Lausanne

The city

1- Lausanne is the 4th most important city in Switzerland after Zurich, Geneva and Basel and is also the capital city of the Vaud canton.

2- Lausanne received the title of ‘’Olympic Capital’’ in 1994 as Pierre de Coubertin decided to set the Olympic Committee headquarters in the city in 1915. There is only one Olympic Capital in the world.

3- The CGN (Lake Geneva General Navigation Company) is based in Ouchy and offers cruises on the Lake Geneva, both for tourism and for public transportation. The company was created in 1873 and own boats dating from the Belle Époque.

Its history

4- During the invasion of Germany in Paris in 1938 Coco Chanel moves to Lausanne where she will live 10 years. Even though she returned to Paris after the war she is buried in Lausanne.

5- A royal Thai pavilion has been offered to the city of Lausanne by the King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2009. The King himself was resident in Lausanne for 18 years.

6- The Flon district, a trendy place of the city, has been named that way as it was the name of the river that used to flow there in the 18th century.

7- Lausanne Cathedral is the biggest in Switzerland. Cathedral Notre-Dame is protestant of Gothic architecture.

Its excellence

8- Lausanne created the first hotel school in the world, the École hôtelière of Lausanne, in 1893.

9- The EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) has been ranked 14th best university in the world according to QS World University Rankings 2016-2017.

10- The most famous French-speaking Swiss writer and poet Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz was born and died in Lausanne.